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Slightly out of focus

Slightly out of focus is an on-line bookshop specialising in vintage, original illustrated magazines featuring 20th century photography and photojournalism. This is a great site that sells those fantastic illustrated magazines and papers from the 40’s and 50’s the magazines that gave life to the work of some of the greatest photographers, go and have a look at the pages of Life Magazine and see W Eugene Smith’s “Country Doctor” picture essay

Or the Picture Post edition with Bill Brandt. “Bill Brandt’s dark and brooding landscape of Stonehenge under snow takes on a stark resonance when it is used on the cover of Picture Post. Austerity Britain is gripped by rationing and in the middle of it’s worst winter (1946-47) for over a century. The magazine is dedicated to the questioning of the future of Britain. Brandt’s Stonehenge symbolises some hope and belief in the future.
The article also features Brandt’s unemployed Durham miner from 1936.”

I don’t know about the title, Slightly Out of Focus, I think they are right on the money, here is a link to the site


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