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Photography Tutorial: Seasonal weather

Canon offer a series of tutorials on their website that, understandably are aimed at the use of Canon cameras, are accessible for photographers using any make of cameras. The tutorials are a guide and insight into some basic, but often misunderstood or unused techniques and controls. This current tutorial is featuring taking pictures in the type of weather we have in the UK at the moment. Beautiful morning here, driving into Oxford from the west, following the line of the river, deep rolling mist with bleached skies and the sun breaking through creating stunning shafts of light between the trees.

“Are you a fair-weather photographer? Does your camera only come out with the sun? If so, you are missing some wonderful opportunities for photography.Mist, rain, frost and rainbows – bad weather is good for your image, helping you to create dramatic effects. Keep an eye on the forecasts and start going out when everyone else is coming in. “

This tutorial covers:
• An early start
• Rainy days
• Rain at night
• Dramatic skies
• Rainbows
• Frosty mornings

Go here for the full tutorial

The Fog, You Connect member Marek Grum, Canon EOS 450D

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