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78 Great photography posts you have missed

Over here at OSP towers we have had a difficult week, our beloved G5 has died, the burning smell was terminal, still just about managing with a combination of laptop, iphone and ipad, there is life after G5……just. This means that the slow nature of everything has hampered the ability to post regularly, sorry if you missed us. Still there is light, I just have to find the tunnel and hope it is not a train heading our way.

This is another of those excellent roundup posts from Toad Hollow Photography, again via Lightstalking, more loveliness to keep you occupied over the weekend, another 78 tutorials, links and useful bits and pieces, here is a taste


Five Basic Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture – this video tutorial discussed lighting techniques for studio portrait work.  This video will leave you coming away with some new insight into this type of work and is well worth the time to view.

The Best Way to Learn About Simplicity in Photography – a really great article and overview that takes us back to using photography as a means to an end.  That is, taking great pictures.  This article is wonderfully written and will definitely leave you with a renewed sense of what’s truly important in the realm of photography.

Tips on how to Shoot Manually: Part I – a great and short how-to guide on moving towards the concept of shooting in manual mode.  This is a great article, well worth the time to read..…..more

GREAT PHOTOGRAPHYLearning to See (Part 5) – the continuation of a running blog series from a truly talented and inspiring master photographer Tom Dinning brings us another, deeper look into the act of sight.  This incredible series is both astonishing for the wonder of the images and content shared, and inspiring as it leaves us all with a broader sense of the world we live in.  A must-see post for this weeks list.

Beauty and the Flame – our very own @13ftfall here at Light Stalking has a truly awesome shot posted on his Flickr page.  Exquisite colors and tones are all revealed in this flower image, with a truly wonderful shallow depth of focus.  A great shot, definitely a photo worth visiting!

The Tower – Viveca Koh delivers a wonderful image of a castle tower in Kent, in the UK.  Her masterful use of textures adds a period-correct feel to the image and presents a truly incredible picture to enjoy.

1931 Ford – another great set of photos from the studio of Jimi Jones this week, this time showcasing an antique Ford truck.  The two photos presented were captured and processed using HDR techniques, bringing out all the textures and details of the scene.

Life Runs At People – a wonderful photographic tribute to Joe Frazier shares a scene taken in the iconic Central Park of NYC.  Mark Garbowski captures and processed a beautiful landscape with one truly incredible reflection that produces an image that is wonderful to view.

simplicity by brdonovan, on Flickr

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