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12 Video Tutorials for Improving Your Photoshop Skills

You know the web is full of people who want to tell you how to do things. Photography attracts a plethora of would be tutors, they do it in text form, pod cast and video, the trouble is there are so many you can spend hours looking for the one that speaks to you at your level. I’m off to teach the 4th part of our current Intro to Photoshop course tonight and will be recommending this post to my students.

Those good people at Lightstalking have a post that has 12 video tutorials on the essentials of Photoshop use, if they recommend them my guess is the tutorials are good.

“Photoshop can really be a photographer’s best friend or worst nightmare. It all depends on how comfortable you feel in the program and whether you know the simple tips and tricks to creating photo magic. Here are 12 video tutorials for improving your Photoshop skills quickly.”

If you want to see the tutorials follow this link

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