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This weeks round up of tutorials, galleries and all good photographic stuff By via Lightstalking

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Here is a taste


Learning To See (Part 1) – we find ourselves enjoying yet another just incredible post from Tom Dinning this week.  Fabulous writing combine with incredible photography to paint a strong picture, with the end result being that we all get a chance to learn a little about ourselves and Tom in the process.  If you spend time with one blog post this week, I’d suggest it be this one.

A Maples Decay – as fall sets in the leaves change color and photographers have a limited window of opportunity to capture these.  Andy Gimino shares an image of a colorful maple leaf captured at the height of the fall season; a beautiful and colorful find, well worth the time to view.

Flora – wow, now this is what we call color!  Awesome, vibrant colors are the word of the day with this photograph from the studio of Renee Stewart Jackson.

A Canadian Icon – Edith Levy shares an image of the CN tower in Toronto.  Taken straight out of the camera, this picture is absolutely incredible and perfect in every regard, and actually captivated me for quite some time.

Sunday, Peaceful Sunday – a regular feature for Heather Neil, Sunday’s find us enjoying pictures from her studio that are the epitome of peace.  No words are included in these posts, further punctuating the sense of serenity we get from viewing the photograph.

Voice of Autumn (Week 35 / 52) by Jack Batchelor, on Flickr

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