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88 Photography Sites worth visiting from the last 7 days

Toad Hollow have done it again, brought together in one place some of the best photo links found on the web in the last 7 days

“Toad Hollow Photography has been busy searching the internet all week for the best links on tutorials, photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.  A very active week in the world of photography, this list contains some great work from some truly great people.  We hope you enjoy checking out the pages and pictures as much as the Toad did in bringing them to you.”

Here are some but go here for the full monty should give you something to look at over the weekend


Tabletop Tutorial #2: macro photography using focus stacking – Chris Wray is a top drawer photographer, and in this post he’s put together a great tutorial on a special photography technique, focus stacking.

Yana: Learn How to Create an Awesome WordPress Blog News Theme – an interesting tutorial sure to give everyone some fresh ideas on creating a powerful blog.

Fine Art Images Using Texture Overlays – another powerful and rich article from the studio of Viveca Koh describes the use of texture overlays in the creation of fine art.  A detailed article with many tips on technique, this is sure to keep everyone captivated and teach us all some fabulous techniques to use in our own workflow.

Scenic Outlook – Autumn Approaches – Dave Wares shares a great set of tips and pointers on photography in the Autumn season.  Fabulous photography punctuates the article, giving the reader a great sense of how to go about doing this sort of work.

GoCast #7 – Shooting With Other Photographers – a video piece details some great details on being the prime or secondary photographer on a shoot, well worth the time if you are going to be part of a team anytime in the future.

10 Tip Guide to Getting Started with Street Portraiture – a great piece outlines how to go about producing great street photography.  This fabulous article from Simon Bray gives us tips, tricks and secrets on location, gear, you name it…  it’s here!

Just to cheer you up here is a picture by Josef Koudelka

Here is some more from Toad Hollow via Lightstalking


A minute of your time, please. – once again, our very own Tom Dinning here at Light Stalking delivers an utterly profound and poignant post accented with some of the best B&W photos you’ll ever see.  Full of drama and emotion, the images are sure to stir something deep in you, and when taken in context of the awesome post accompanying them they are guaranteed to make you pause and reflect.

Ready. To Cruise. The Strip. – an icon of a time now past, this wonderful photo of a specific detail of a car really produces a strong sense of nostalgia.  Cathy Ross captures and processes something absolutely familiar and unique at the same time.

Bolton Emerson Americas: Bolts – straight from the studio of the talented Bob Lussier, we find ourselves taking a close look at a rack of bolts.  Exquisite depth of focus and composition converge to create a truly compelling picture from a rather unremarkable subject under most circumstances.

Out to Sea – this is an absolutely striking photograph of an aircraft carrier at sea.  Chris DeAngelis shares an incredible silhouette of the powerful carrier accented with sun rays beaming down from the sky.

Male Cardinal and Autumn Bokeh – a truly stunning image of a cardinal in a tree, punctuated with exquisite depth of focus creating great bokeh.  Kerri Farley shares another incredible nature photograph, one surely to amaze and delight everyone.

Cliff Living – you have got to see this picture, it’s beyond amazing!  Len Saltiel shares a photo taken of a long abandoned town positioned on the side of a mountain.  Built over 1,500 years ago this photograph really brings home the drama of a site that is full of mystery and history, yet remains in really great condition.

Desert Burst – Chris Frailey shares a wonderful and beautiful picture taken in the desert of a sunburst.  A tip is also included, for those who might wish to emulate this style of photography.  Absolutely dramatic and gorgeous results are achieved here with this picture that will bring a smile to everyones face.

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