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Daily Archives: August 31, 2011

19 Of The Greatest Driving Roads On Earth

This is a bit of a diversion, sorry for the pun, and the pictures are not especially photographic but the roads do look magnificent, and if you love driving and carry a camera you will find this interesting.

“Here’s a rundown of what we believe are 19 of the most beautiful and challenging roads in the world.  If you’re a fan of negotiating challenging bends, with great views, long fast straights and little to no traffic – then it might be time to dig out your passport and book some time off work!”...……..more

The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star by Ciril Jazbec

“One thing I love about photography is that you never really know what’s around the corner, what’s your next story going to be. Well, here’s an interesting one. This is a college project that took place between between 6th and 13th of June, where an international team of 28 documentary photographers documented life in the Elephant & Castle. Together with my classmate Myriam we found this interesting community just a few blocks away from our college – the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.”…more

These images by Ciril Jazbec

Metaphors – photography by Jaber AlAzmeh

“They are not horses….nor clouds or chalky hills of white.  They are not freshly white washed walls of clay, negatives of horses drowned by the night stars, or lit by a black moon.
They are all this …  or just horses, black, as light will not reflect them, and white because they were standing here, a while ago, and now you can only see their shadows in black wraith filling the day.”..….more

If you like horses these images may be for you