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Daily Archives: August 24, 2011

Festival of Lights, Myanmar – National Geographic

Lighting a sea of candles, Burmese pay homage to their ancestors during Thadingyut, the three-day festival of lights in October marking the end of the Buddhist equivalent of Lent.….more

Six Photographers Test Their Right to Shoot in London

Petapixel have a video showing the problems photographers have photographing in the street, it is an interesting view of how photographers are hassled by ‘security’  and how those involved in ‘security’ don’t understand the law and try to assume rights they do not have. Fortunately it seems the police, when called, had a better understanding of what is allowed. This was organised as part of the London Street Photography Festival 2011

“On June 21, 2011, non-profit organization Shoot Experience sent out six photographers to various parts of London to see the current state of photographers’ rights.” ….go here for the video

Thinking of giving up the day job and becoming a photographer?

“On a daily basis, I work with amateur photographers who are considering the jump to becoming a professional photographer as either a part-time “side job” or as a full-fledged career photographer.  Almost without exception, they ask three questions, (1) Can you help me with my lighting, (2) How can I get more clients, and (3) How do I know if now is the right time?” this is from the Improve photography site, if you are considering becoming a full time professional photographer then read on  here

Understanding Your Digital SLR Camera Course – Oxford

Each term we arrange a number of starts for this popular course, it is the spring board from which students launch themselves into photography and being a photographer. That is someone who uses a camera to express their creative view.

“a couple of my friends have raved about this course and I’m determined to learn to use my camera properly!”

“I would like to say many thanks for a fantastic, informative & interesting course! I found all the information you gave us totally compelling and inspiring which was enhanced by a charismatic & passionate teacher! I would recommend this course to anyone who has bought a DSLR for the first time and wants to understand what all the confusing buttons on their new toy do and how to take proper photos without relying on the Auto function.”

“I would like to say that I was extremely impressed with the DSLR course. I didn’t really know what to expect, but found every session very helpful. I now feel much more comfortable with the basic functions of my camera, as well as being able to photograph more creatively using the techniques that you taught. I definitely learnt more than I would have been able to from my handbook. I found the course and techniques that I learnt extremely inspirational, and am now more open minded with my approach to photography.”

Full details and specifications for this course can be found here  There are a number of start dates for this course beginning this term, some in the evenings, Saturdays and 1 Day versions of the course on Sundays. The course is generally 4 sessions spread over 4 weeks and costs £80