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Daily Archives: August 10, 2011

Nikon D7000 on test

This review of the Nikon D7000 by Richard Kilpatrick is in the BJP

Nikon has been busy expanding its DSLR range this year, adding choice and breadth to the D series, exemplified by the latest arrival, the D7000. Richard Kilpatrick tests the “baby D3s”, and finds it’s definitely a pro contender.”.….more

10 of the Best Photoblogs – an opinion

This is a fascinating article from The BJP giving a view as to the best photoblogs, author, Jörg Colberg, acknowledges that there are many different forms of photoblogs. Some are big on equipment, some are just the musings of photographers who have an idea that seo (search engine optimisation) requires them to blather on about the most recent wedding they shot, and some are full of tutorials.

Here at OSofP we try to bring a aggregation of the interesting things we find from all areas of photoblogging on the web. It is an extention of the time when as a darkroom hire centre, some 20 years ago now, photographers would sit around drinking coffee, waiting for films to dry and talk about interesting things they had seen and heard. Anyone who ever spent time at The Photographers Workshop in St Mary’s Road, Oxford will know exactly what I mean when I mention one name, Paddy Summerfield.

So this is what Jörg Colberg has to say Photography blogging is a relatively new phenomenon with a history of about 10 years. But it is old enough to have already spawned debates about whether blogging is dead and, although those kinds of conversations – which are usually reserved for jazz or photojournalism – can be quite tedious, in the case of blogging, they have a point. What we think of as “the photoblog” has undergone some changes over the course of these past 10 years. I should clarify that I am talking about contemporary photography from a fine-art point of view. There are also numerous blogs about camera equipment, but I want to focus on what I know best.”  Photoblogs came of age in 2006, when bloggers started looking at other people’s images as well as their own. Joerg Colberg, the man behind the influential Conscientious blog, profiles 10 of his top recommendations..…more

This one won the Life Magazine 2011 Photo Blog Award and very nice it is too