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Daily Archives: August 4, 2011

Travel Photography Tips from Jeff Eagar

Jeff has traveled to over 80 countries in the last 15 years with camera in hand, here he imparts some tips that may make your travel photography better,

Cindy Sherman – working with MAC comestics

Cindy Sherman, one of the most original photographic artists has again breached the world of commercial presentation, she did it before with her fashion series and now with MAC cosmestics on make-up. This well written article in the Guardian by explains

“Cindy Sherman fronting a MAC makeup collection? What took them so long? In some ways, when you consider why we wear makeup, this seems the perfect collaboration. We do it to play up and manipulate our features; to peacock, colour in, draw moons of light around our eyes and shades of suggestion on our lips, to make ourselves more visible. The other, not unrelated motive, is to hide in plain sight.

Sherman, now in her late 50s, has been doing just that for more than three decades. She has always been the subject of her own work, and earlier this year sold a self-portrait for $3.89m (£2.4m) – the highest price ever paid for a single photograph. And yet she remains anonymous. In her photographs, she uses makeup to transform herself, becoming simultaneously obscure and mesmerising. One moment she is Marilyn Monroe, the next a woman lying dead and gravel-grazed in a road – the next a creature with a woman’s hands and a pig’s snout.”...more

8 Effects Every Photographer Should Know About

I thought this was an interesting tutorial even though there are some items I might have excluded in favour of others, with regard to the first, ‘bokeh’ I believe shallow depth of field is an essential tool or approach, blobs of colourful light in the background can look a bit kitsch though. I would definitely have included a section on the use of lines as a means of directing the viewers attention.  If you want a succinct list of possible photographic design tools and ways of photographing to enhance your images this tutorial is a good start point  Tutorial by Rachel Arandilla      I love the use of ‘The Scream’ as an example of rule of thirds

10 great tutorials for better product photography

Whether you are photographing products for income or just for ebay there will be something useful here for you. Video tutorials (short) on how to light and manage product photography