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Daily Archives: August 3, 2011

Dylan Coulter – photographs of cowboys

Dylan Coulter: It’s all about the concept by Phil Coombes on the BBC site

“Dylan Coulter, a photographer whose work has graced many billboards and front pages of magazines, and whose portfolio contains pictures of some of the biggest names in sport, has turned to home for his latest project and made photographs of his great aunts and uncles, the last cowboys.

The American West is a subject that has attracted many photographers and as chance would have it the birth of photography coincided with the development of what came to be known as the Wild West. The two became entwined, with photography and the cinema creating a mythological world where the figure of the cowboy became a central icon as the wilderness was “tamed”.”..…more

Here is a link to Dylan Coulter’s website


Eats shoots and leaves – a new take

Well not the eat bit but you probably know the old joke…anyway too much divergance

As photographers, it’s often easy to forget that simple things nearby can make incredible subjects for photographs with just a little creativity. Unless you live in the arctic, you probably have access to this simple subject at some point during the year. This collection of photos of leaves might help you get inspired to look for beauty in simplicity.


All the World is a Stage: Costa’s Boston

Magnum, the world renowned picture agency also run workshops, here are details of one planned for Boston in September.

Learn or perfect urban street photography in Boston with world-renowned Magnum photographer Constantine Manos. The city of Boston is your stage to explore, but let the master critique your creative images. Manos will conduct this five-day workshop exclusively for the PRC September 8-12, 2011.….more info

7 Quick Tips for Better Beach Photography

Another easy guide from those clever people at Lightstalking. “We all love the beach, but getting a decent photograph from your beach excursion can be a little tricky. Here are a few quick tips on beach photography that should help you improve your results.”

1) Be Early or Be Late– In general the best photos you will capture at the beach will generally be taken before the light becomes too powerful...more

Three’s A Crowd by peasap, on Flickr