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A Comprehensive Guide to Photographing Youth Sport

If you have kids who do sport or even if you just like watching amateur sport and photographing it this tutorial will give you some valuable tips. On the Lightstalking site By you will find all sorts of advice that makes good sense.

“The soccer ball being dribbled down the field, the baseball being hit, the puck flying across the ice all help tell a story.  The shots tend to happen in a fraction of a second and require knowledge of the sport, anticipation of the play … and a lot of luck!  High speed burst mode really helps the cause as well.  Action can be shown with motion blur, the capture of the kicked up dust or by composition.

Most sports don’t have action that can easily be followed by panning, so you might have to depend on one focus point and let the action happen around it.”

and don’t forget the team picture

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