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Daily Archives: July 11, 2011

Macaque monkey steals camera and takes self portrait

Award-​​winning pho­tog­ra­pher David Slater was vis­it­ing park in North Sulawesi, Indone­sia when a male Crested Black Macaque mon­key took his unat­tended cam­era and started snap­ping away. Sounds highly unlikely doesn’t it? Well, shove your skep­ti­cism aside and enjoy the two pho­tos below which were appar­ently taken by the Macaque out of hun­dreds that were taken dur­ing the wild king­dom bout of self reflec­tion. ..more  Here is a link to many more pictures

Really astonishing landscape pictures by Christian Klepp

“Geoscientist and photographer Christian Klepp runs this website project to document nature’s beauty. The aim is to increase public awareness of the earth system, so that people can develop a clearer understanding of the planet. Over 200 images of spectacular landscapes accompanied by scientific explanations illustrate the perpetual change of our planet through the eons of time. ”

This website is crammed with the most amazing images, even in landscape photography leaves you cold you need to have a look at this site

How to pose couples – portrait photography

This easy to follow guide on how to pose couples, from Photography Concentrate, this section is on seated couples

“The basic idea here is the same: start with one option, then make small changes to the way they’re sitting, looking at each other, and holding each other. Excellent variety + minimal work = maximum fun.”..more
There is another section on couples standing here