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Street Photography Festival kicks off in London

Author: Diane Smyth at BJP

“Once synonymous with strip clubs, Shoreditch has become one of London’s most popular nightspots, attracting both locals and cultural tourists dipping into the scene for the night. Dougie Wallace has been photographing the area for a decade, capturing a wide gamut that runs from rampant exhibitionism to furtive drug taking. “I just always had a camera with me and started taking photos on my nights out,” he says. “I’ve always been a participant, not a voyeur, so I’ve never had any problems photographing anyone.”

 “Shoreditch nightlife is on show thanks to Dougie Wallace, as well as work from Poland, France and images from the past in a festival of the streets being held in London.

Wallace’s exhibition is on show at The Camp on City Road from 07-17 July, but the London Street Photography Festival officially opens on 30 June, with 12 exhibitions gathered together under the festival umbrella.”
© Dougie Wallace.

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