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Daily Archives: July 9, 2011

Women Photographers – Firecracker – Street Photography



Firecracker is an online platform dedicated to supporting european women photographers.
Despite many fantastic women working with photographic media, the industry continues to be dominated by male counterparts.
Firecracker assists the promotion of women photographers by showcasing their work in a series of monthly online gallery features.
Photographers are brought to our attention via a network of industry professionals and guest curator spots from high profile individuals.

Established in January 2011, Firecracker is an online platform dedicated to supporting and showcasing talent of women photographers across Europe.

 The project’s founder is Fiona Rogers, who also serves cultural and education coordinator at Magnum Photos in London. She says that “despite many fantastic women working with photographic media, the industry continues to be dominated by their male counterparts,” and it is out of this frustration that Firecracker was born.
Polly Braden and Kate Hooper, two street photographers, are set to appear in the second Firecracker event organised next month to coincide with the London Street Photography Festival

Street Photography Festival kicks off in London

Author: Diane Smyth at BJP

“Once synonymous with strip clubs, Shoreditch has become one of London’s most popular nightspots, attracting both locals and cultural tourists dipping into the scene for the night. Dougie Wallace has been photographing the area for a decade, capturing a wide gamut that runs from rampant exhibitionism to furtive drug taking. “I just always had a camera with me and started taking photos on my nights out,” he says. “I’ve always been a participant, not a voyeur, so I’ve never had any problems photographing anyone.”

 “Shoreditch nightlife is on show thanks to Dougie Wallace, as well as work from Poland, France and images from the past in a festival of the streets being held in London.

Wallace’s exhibition is on show at The Camp on City Road from 07-17 July, but the London Street Photography Festival officially opens on 30 June, with 12 exhibitions gathered together under the festival umbrella.”
© Dougie Wallace.

Pentax sold to Ricoh for £77m

Not as much as Manchester Utd got for Cristiano Ronaldo when they sold him to Real Madrid

Hoya is selling the camera manufacturer Pentax to Ricoh in a £77m deal confirmed this morning. Pentax UK reacts…

Hands-on with Sigma’s SD1

BJP‘s technical reviewer Richard Kilpatrick has been testing Sigma‘s 46-megapixel SD1 digital SLR. Ahead of the publication of his full review in August, he gives us his first impressions

“Sigma’s SD1 – announced at Photokina in 2010, and now shipping worldwide – has already proven to be unusual for the Japanese firm that perseveres with the Foveon X3technology first adopted with the 2002 SD9.This professional body brings Sigma’s APS-C offering back into play against contemporary DSLRs, with an output file of 15Mp and a solid, professional quality construction. It’s reached the market almost within the initial time estimates despite the tragic earthquake in March that affected many manufacturers and individuals, resulting in constrained stock and delays for many products announced at the end of last year; a sharp contrast with the wait for the previous models developed in tandem with Foveon.

The cost estimates are another matter. During Photokina, Sigma’s COO Kazuto Yamaki is reputed to have offered an estimate of “a similar price to the 5D Mk II” which many pundits took to be around £1800.”

Leica to launch new compact system in 2012

Leica’s goal is to create a new market in the Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens segment.

Best compact cameras- top four

While micro cameras are getting all the headlines, with their raw file and video capture abilities plus their interchangeable lenses, compacts still have their place as truly pocketable snap cameras. Kevin Carter reviews four of the best….more Author: Kevin Carter at The BJP