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How to Tell a Story with Your Photographs

Chase Guttman explains and gives a few pointers how to make your images do more than just represent a moment, more that they tell a story. This is a fundamental part of our Intermediate Course which will run again in the autumn. Here is what Chase has to say ”

We all strive to sculpt a lasting image – a shot so powerful that it entrances viewers forcing them to have a close affinity with the photograph.  But what makes a lasting photograph? What makes a photograph truly stand out?  Is it merely a group of elements shot with skilled techniques?

No, a lasting image is holistic, it sends a strong message when it tells a thought-provoking, emotional story.  So how do you do that?  Next time you go out to shoot, consider incorporating some of the tips below into your photographic routine.”...more

One of my personal favourites in creating a story, or at least a narrative that is open to your interpretation is the magnificent Gregory Crewdson, here are a couple of his images

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