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Daily Archives: June 21, 2011

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Shooting RAW

Just because most of the world only shoots jpegs doesn’t mean it is right. The advantages of shooting RAW are considerable and in class I recommend this, I only ever shoot RAW and use Lightroom as my processing engine, love it. Anyway here is a post that list 10 good reasons why you should shoot RAW

“You’ve probably heard over and over that you should be shooting in RAW. But do you know why it’s so important? And what it really means for your images? Let’s sort it out!”...more

Creative Review Magazine Photography Annual 2011

This year’s Photography Annual will now be published alongside the November issue of Creative Review rather than the October one. Taking this into consideration, we’re extending the deadline rather dramatically, and you now have until August 22 to get examples of your finest photography to us. If you want more information go here

The Best of British Student Photography

I think anything claiming to be the best always has to be qualified by understanding who has chosen the selection. This exhibition highlights images from students at British Universities studying photography. As always judge for yourself if these really do reflect the best

“Free Range is showing again at the Truman Brewery in London this year, bringing together student shows from all over the country in a rotating timetable. Showing this weekend was a group of photography degree shows. Here’s my pick from the University of Westminster, Nottingham Trent, and City of Westminster shows. Shown above is an image from an extremely slow-moving video work by Beth Vieira at the University of Westminster. The work, one of a trilogy, “explores themes of representation in cinema, male identity and masculinity”….more

Do You Read These 8 Cool Photoshop Blogs for Tutorials?

More useful help from Lightstalking, this time a list of blogs and sites with Photoshop tutorials and help. I use a number of these and can recommend PS Tuts, Photshop Tutorials and PS Deluxe but I will definitely check out the others. Online tutorials are extremely useful because someone else has done all the work and are prepared to share their efforts with you for free. Here is a link to the Lightstalker post  As it is now several months before we run our Photoshop course again you should use these to help you get going with Photoshop