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Street Photography for the Novice

When I was younger street photography was not a problem, even if people didn’t like having their pictures taken there was rarely a problem just a poor shot. These days everyone thinks they have rights, even though in a public space they don’t, which means try pointing your camera at people in the street and you will get some trouble. This article By Kimberly Gauthier on the Digital Photo School site is actually full of good suggestions.

“Street photography is a fantastic idea in theory, but when I first took a crack at taking pictures on the streets of Downtown Seattle, I got nothing. I walked around for an hour, spotting great photo ops, holding my camera tight against my chest, waiting for someone to either yell at me for taking their picture or steal my camera. It took a couple of years to get up the nerve to start taking pictures and now I always take my camera into the city. Here are 10 tips that helped me get over my street photography shyness.” ….more

Here are some images from the greatest street photographer

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