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Homo Urbanus Europeanus – Jean-Marc Caracci

During the last session of the Intermediate course I teach a student did a presentation on a photographer I had never heard of, not that surprising in itself, but his work is fascinating and worth bringing to you. Jean-Marc Caracci has traveled to many different cities around Europe to photograph, he has a theme which can best be described a man in an urban environment. It is almost always one person rather than many, so you might think an idea ambling towards the solitary or lonely but that is not necessarily the atmosphere Caracci creates. It is hard to explain his pictures without getting too involved with perhaps politics and borders so best that you go and have a look for yourself. A perfect example of a photographer with a theme exploring an idea. Here is Homo Urbanus Europeanus

You will see he is a patient man and these images are from his set in London

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