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Daily Archives: May 30, 2011

36 Strong Compositions That Use Railway Tracks

Railway tracks provide an excellent subject with which to practice using leading lines in photography. If you can mix the obvious compositional advantages of the long lines with other good photography techniques, then you can get some great results. These photographs have largely managed to do that, many in an eye-popping way. So enjoy the collection and use it for ideas for your own leading lines shots. This article from those nice people at Lightstalking

For a master in composition, mystery, suspense and use of lines Henri Cartier-Bresson

Making better pictures by closing your eyes

Gerry van der Walt over at Photo-Africa has an interesting technique that he teaches to his students to help them discover the point of interest in their images or where to find it in a scene. He calls it ‘discovering the visual mass’. His suggestion is that when looking at a picture, or a picture to be close your eyes, when you open them again the thing that you look at first is your point or visual mass. Interesting idea, here is the full article

We like Gerry’s practical approach to teaching photography and you might want to look at some of his other tutorials, we have featured some here and there are more on his site