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Reviewing pictures makes you a better photographer

One of the things we encourage on our courses is looking at other photographers’ work and trying to understand why they have photographed a particular subject in a certain way, this is a great way to learn. During our Portrait, Intermediate, Travel, Composition and Black and White courses we set up blogs where our students up-load their pictures for review by their classmates. This sounds a bit scary but everyone benefits.

I found this site, focussion which sets out to do the same but to a much wider audience and participants, as  Michiel and Aljan, two Dutch photographers, who set up the site say “We love photography! And have been taking photos for several years now. We aren’t pro, though we want to learn and improve. Learning works great by getting feedback from other photographers. We noticed getting feedback on other photography websites can be very hard. So we wanted to build an community where we encourage to give helpful feedback. That’s how Focussion was born! ”

You might find this useful and enjoyable

2 responses to “Reviewing pictures makes you a better photographer

  1. David Willis October 11, 2011 at 9:55 am

    I’m glad you liked my photo so much that you have used it in your article, but please, next time, give me credit for it by at least mentioning me or showing a link to where you took it from:

    winter lights #2 (16:9)

    You also may have noticed that it is ‘all rights reserved’. Thank you,

    David Willis

    ... looking your way (1:1)
    • oxfordschoolofphotography October 11, 2011 at 11:49 am

      Hi David
      sorry for not giving you due credits, we are an aggregation site, finding things that are interesting and spreading them further to enlighten and give appreciation, we hope we drive traffic to other sites and photographers, when there people would have found your links and details etc. I have removed your image as you have it listed as rights reserved. Very best wishes and good luck.

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