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Daily Archives: May 23, 2011

Photojournalism links

This is a very interesting site full of articles and references concerning photojournalism, if you have an interest in this area of photography you will certainly find things here that interest you.  Photojournalismlinks

How to Shoot a Book Cover in 15 Minutes

Have you been offered a great assignment but been given a near impossible deadline? Read this interesting account of just such a commission by Jordan Matter

The article begins with “Photographer Jordan Matter had just such a dilemma recently when he was asked, at the very last minute, to shoot the cover photo for a new novel being published by Penguin entitled “The Grief of Others” by Leah Hager Cohen..…..more

What camera gear to take when going on holiday

It is more of a problem than anything else, what kit do I take when going on holiday or even just a weekend away. I can imagine living without almost everything else but not having the lens I really need is a big dilemma. I almost never get it right, this useful article by Dave Kennard approaches the conundrum,

“When you’re packing photography equipment for a holiday, it’s hard to decide what to take. You want to take enough to get good photos, but not so much that it weighs you down or takes up too much space in your luggage. If you’re going on a holiday with a specific photographic intent in mind, such as safari, then its relatively easy to decide what lenses to take. But if you’re going on a standard holiday to the city or country, where you’ll likely come across a multitude of different photographic situations, it can be hard to decide which lenses to take, and which to leave at home. This article covers a few different options you may want to consider.”.…more

There is more advice here jclarkson photography

and here discoverdigitalphotography

My main advice is whatever you take get a rucksack bag and have a day bag in which you can put a dslr body and street zoom lens

We discuss equipment on our Travel Photography course starting 9th June