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Daily Archives: May 10, 2011

Wildlife up close – macro photography

This is another kind of wildlife, probably requiring a similar skill level and maybe as much patience there are lots more pictures here from Photography Magazine

26 Fantastic Wildlife Photography by Tom Svensson

I am usually a bit so what about wildlife photography, I know the skill level is incredibly high, the equipment costs a fortune but in the end it is a matter of being there, which is more about patience than anything else. That said these are very nice and there is an interesting interview with Tom Svensson so if you are interested in wildlife photography look here

Creative Photography Magazine – 50 Excellent Photography Tips, Tricks And Tutorials

Talk about one stop shop for really great tutorials, this set has something for everyone and you should book mark the page so you can get back to it whenever you need

  1. Understanding Depth Of Field

  2. Dance Photography Tips And Techniques

  3. Low Light Photography Tips

  4. How To : Fill Flash

  5. 4 Steps To Understanding White Balance

  6. Why Not Use Raw Format In Your Photography

  7. Understanding Bokeh

  8. How To: Shooting Into The Sun

  9. How To Use Polarising Filters

  10. Wedding Photography Shot List

  11. 10 Top Tips To Taking Sharper Photos

  12. How To Take Great Photos At Night

  13. Water Surface And Waterfall Photography Tips

  14. How A Polarizer Filter Works

  15. Basic Composition Techniques: The Rule Of Thirds

  16. Understanding Exposure

  17. 10 Tips For Taking Better Candid Photos

  18. 4 Steps To Understanding Shutter Speed and It’s Creative Uses

  19. 5 Steps To Understanding Aperture

  20. 4 Steps To Understanding ISO

  21. Shooting From The Hip Photography

  22. Tips For Photographing A Collection

  23. Landscape Photography At Twilight

  24. Tips For Getting Started With Time Lapse Photography

  25. How to Create a Low-Budget Reflector or Diffusor

  26. Getting Started as a Second Shooter

  27. Top 10 Tips For Shooting A Marathon

  28. Take Better Indoor Photos Using An Off Camera Flash

  29. Hints & Tips for Successful Sports Photography

  30. 4 Steps To Understanding Focal Lengths

  31. Top 10 Photographers Every Student Should Study

  32. Camera Flash Guide And Features

  33. Liquid Pour and Splash Photography Technique Using Continuous Light

  34. Photography Tips For Sharp Photos

  35. Portrait Session Photography Tips

  36. Ten Must Have Accessories For Wild Life Safari Photography

  37. Tips For Creative Great Abstract Photography

  38. How To Photograph Bubbles

  39. Tips For Taking Photos Of Neon Signs

  40. 8 Great Tips for Photographing Animals

  41. A Quick Guide To Histograms

  42. How To Use Auto Exposure Lock On A DSLR Camera

  43. How To Do HDR Photography

  44. Understanding Basic Light Properties For Photography

  45. Taking a Look Inside a Poor Man’s Camera Bag

  46. How To Start A Wedding Photography Business

  47. Introduction to Light Painting Photography Technique

  48. Understanding and Utilising Deep Depth-of-Field

  49. Professional Photography Lighting On A Budget

  50. Camera Lens Filter Guide

  51. Here is that link to the pageand this is a very famous image from William Eggleston just because…