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Daily Archives: May 5, 2011

Mikko Lagerstedt – photographer

I found work by Mikko, interesting, attractive, decorative, worth a look, here is the link to the first gallery and if you like these images from a project entitled Night you might want to investigate Mikko’s own web site here

Advanced Portrait Photography: The Faceless Portrait

Photographers, you will never become artists. All you are is mere copiers.When he said this, Charles Baudelaire was talking about how photography seems to be a way to copy nature and present it as an archive of how we live. Baudelaire talked about photography as documentation and nothing more. He relegated its usefulness and function in society as a mere record keeping tool and cautioned against photography being an imaginative tool, a tool for artistic expression.

But in the 1920s with the arrival of Cartier-Bresson on the scene, snapshot photography was born. It meant that photographers no longer posed and set the stage for their portraits, but suddenly portraits became more of a found art; you captured a moment when time and action come to a beautiful conclusion.

Cartier-Bresson was a hunter for the found portrait. He elevated portraiture into what Jean Noel Jenneney in his book called “something rescued in the nick of time, before a whole world vanishes for ever.” Cartier-Bresson taught us that to capture a portrait, we must wait for the moment when everything falls into place, and then we click.”…………writes alohal there is more of this interesting article here  We teach much of this on our Portrait course starting 9th May