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Wedding – Photography Stories

That kiss, that dress! We are collecting wedding photographs and stories from around the world and through the decades for an online public gallery.

Share family photos across the generations. Pair up with someone older or younger than you and pass on the story behind the image.

What photo will you choose, and what story will you tell? Upload your photo and story to our website, and see them featured in the online gallery which goes live on Friday 6 May. A collaboration between the Photographers Gallery and Photonet.org

“Jim – the best man”

I took this picture some years ago, I had met Jim, the best man, in the pub before the wedding started and he was a joker, no nerves at his role. As the wedding car left the church I saw Jim pick up his skirt (kilt) and run, I was unsure what he would do but I knew it would be memorable. Keith Barnes

One response to “Wedding – Photography Stories

  1. Whitney Photo - Ben Whitney February 1, 2012 at 3:00 am

    Makes you wonder what the folks in the car saw when they drove by Jim – the best man. You are correct when you said that this might be memorable. I may upload a photo and story, thanks.

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