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Top photographers inspiational tips

From the Photoshelter site the thoughts and words from 8 top professional photographers, inspirational and worthwhile if you follow their advice

Eight top professional photographers reveal their insight into finding inspiration. Our free handbook links to video interviews with each photographer, including: Corey Rich, Tim Mantoani, Scott Strrazzante, Ami Vitale, Casey Templeton, Robert Seale, Brian Peterson, and Michael Schwarz.

What’s Inside?

Finding inspiration for your work is a lifelong pursuit. For photographers, the challenge can be more significant since our job as visual storytellers is a creative one. Uncovering sources of inspiration can be challenging, and that difficulty is compounded by the daily grind of our work and home life. Each photographer covers a different topic on various aspects of inspiration. A brief synopsis of their thoughts are provided along side a “top 10” list of items that they feel are important.

What You’ll Learn:

Inspiration sometimes strikes at random, but top notch pros cultivate their own inspiration, and engage in activities that keep them fresh and inspired. Watch the compendium of videos or read the handbook for each photographer’s quick tips. Inspiration is just a click away!


I thought I would find some inspiration photos for you so typed that into google, what a surprising load of rubbish so here are some from the greatest photographers ever

William Eggleston

Robert “If your pictures aren’t good enough you aren’t close enough” Capa

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Sabastiao Salgado

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