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Your Complete Guide to Building a Photography Studio at Home

Those nice people at Lightstalking have a special offer on a book that will help you to save cash and build some of your own studio lighting gear, there is a review of the book here

The book starts with this premise “As you get into photography more and more, one thing becomes extremely obvious: this is not a cheap pastime. For that reason alone, a lot of folks end up checking out Udi Tirosh’s DIY Photography website (if you follow Light Stalking on Twitter, you have probably seen us link to Udi’s stuff plenty of times over the last few years – we’re huge fans). Udi is one of the web’s foremost authorities on building lighting setups from scratch without the need to give your tax accountant an aneurysm.”

On the LS site there is an offer code, here are the details “As with any product we feature on Light Stalking, we put the hard word on Udi to do something special for Light Stalking readers. Kindly, he agreed to offer a 25% discount for folks from this site! It is only for a week so make sure you get in now to secure your discount before the guide goes back to its normal price. Just use the code LSDIYP25 to get your discount.”

If you want to find out more here is the DIYphotography site with everything you might want to know

looks to as if they could have used some Photoshop perspective to correct the verticals on the book shot, if you would like to know how to do this have a look at our Photoshop course starting 4th May

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