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Selecting and Shooting Your Best Pictures for Competition Entries

Yesterday I posted about a number of photographic competitions that you might consider entering, not just because you might win but because of the learning process that you go through when working to a specific brief. I do believe that working to a purpose or particular subject matter improves your visual sense and eye so entering competitons is a good way to achieve that.

This article is written by D. Travis North who has his own blog. He writes that he recently acted as a judge for a photographic competition and this has led him to compile a list of tips and guides as to how you should approach entering a competition, all good information I think so have a look at his article here

Here is Marianne Majerus last year’s International Garden Photographer of the Year winner speaking to Miranda Gavin of f2 magazine about her experience of IGPOTY

If you are interested in learning more about garden photography here is a link to a IGPOTY masterclass and for a more hands on learning process join our Garden and Plant Photography  on June 12th

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