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Daily Archives: April 13, 2011

Photography – Production Opportunity – Oxford University Dramatics

Barbarian Productions, the company behind Oxford’s flagship summer production at the Oxford Playhouse (an original adaptation of Jack London’s classic American novel, ‘The Call of the Wild’), are looking for a skilled photographer to assist with production photography during the four weeks between now and show week.

Commitment can vary from the short-term (sporadic days over the next four weeks, when convenient for you), to one-off days. The first and most pressing of these is this coming Monday (18th April), for which we require a photographer to take headshots of the cast and rehearsal photos that will be used by leading graphic designers John Good Ltd. in constructing the programme. All rehearsals take place in central Oxford, at Magdalen College.

Photographic content will be distributed (with full credits) across the production website, blog, Oxford Playhouse website, in local newspapers and in the programme, which will be seen by thousands of audience members. A selection of the kind of images required on stage and in rehearsal is attached.

This is an ideal opportunity to put expertise to use in a creative context and gain experience working in a theatrical marketing environment. Oxford Drama is fortunate to enjoy one of the highest standards of university-level dramatics in the world, thanks to our access to the full resources of the Oxford Playhouse as a professional, working theatre; taking part in such projects is a rewarding experience and a rare opportunity to broaden portfolios in a unique direction.

To learn more or to get involved, please email mark.heath@ouds.org

Photography Now – a beautiful portfolio site of the masters of photography

This has to be my favourite site at the moment. I love the web for showing me the work of the very best photographers, providing information and background, allowing me to explore this fascinating subject of photography.

Quite the most beautiful presentation of the works of the greatest photographers, I dare you not to be impressed. Here is Photography Now

Photography Competitions

There are so many different types of photography competitions that there must be one to suit the type of photography you enjoy. You may think your pictures are not good enough to enter a competition but as the prizes are often significant you may find the exercise in trying to make great images improves your picture making skills anyway so it could be a win win situation for you. If you don’t win the competition but your pictures improve then you are ahead anyway.

Looking at the work of other photographers who are interested in your subject areas will certainly make you think and try harder, you will get inspiration and ideas that will just make you a better photographer. There are lots of places to find photography competitions but have have found this site, that lists a few

here are a few for you to consider

Pet Photography                              




Full list at Sticky Rice

You might find taking our Garden and Plant Photography Course or our Travel Photography course helps details on our site