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Daily Archives: April 12, 2011

Photography Exhibition by Caroline Seymour and others in Oxford

Caroline is a long time friend of the the Photographers Workshop in the past having used our darkrooms to hone her black and white printing skills. When we closed the darkrooms and converted completely to digital she bought a couple of enlargers and set up her own darkroom. She has an exhibition of black and white prints at The North Wall Gallery in north Oxford,

Caroline Seymour : Pilgrimage into the Body
Caroline Seymour presents a new series of work; in her own words, “a meditative exploration of the body: a pilgrimage to its many sites, which attempts to express the intimacy of experience of another human being.”


More information here


For those without access to a darkroom but still wishing to gain expertise in black and white photography we run a Black and White Digital photography course starting 13th June

How to Make an Impressionist Style Portrait

“The impressionist painters have taught us that it doesn’t take a whole lot of detail to suggest meaning in an image; so it is with photography. Instead of snapping what is literally in front of us, we can capture in a photo the images we have in our minds. With the right content, lighting, and a dash of post work, you can create a dreamy image. Here’s how I made these impressionist style portraits.”


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