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Daily Archives: April 6, 2011

Step By Step: Shooting the Perfect Model Head Shot

If you are looking for help in this type of portrait photography this is a very detailed tutorial

“Like making a perfect omelette, taking a perfect head shot for a modeling portfolio is a simple process. Yet, it’s all the small details that go into the seemingly easy process that make the final product so stunning (or in the case of the omelette, delicious). Today we’re going to break down taking the perfect studio modeling head shot, so you can nail it every time.”…...more

Scanning Negatives with your Digital Camera

This tutorial will show you how to “scan” your film using a Digital SLR. The reason for using a digital camera instead of a film scanner is to save money and ensure that your film is safe. A good film scanner is not cheap, so the investment is only worth it if you scan a lot of film. Your other option would to have your film scanned by a lab, but many people are not comfortable sending off film in the mail.

We’re the first to admit that this technique won’t give the same quality result as a professional scanner. That said, it’s a fantastic idea and a great way to easily convert your negatives to digital images at home.…more