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Daily Archives: April 5, 2011

How to photograph food – Food photography

This is a very extensive blog on how to photograph food, the advice is sound and useful, here is what the photographer says

About the food photographer. I’ve been a professional photographer now for more years than I care to admit and for the last ten or so years, I’ve been specializing is food photography.  I may not be the ultimate expert, but I’m as close as your going to get for free, here on the Internet. “..more

here is the link to Michael Ray’s site

Pictures from a city – Travel Photography

Part of our Travel Photography course features travel to cities and explains and illuminates the photographic opportunities a traveler can find in a city, these are some interesting examples, there are more here

by Gokhun Guneyhan

Travel Photography from Vietnam

We have just launched our new Travel Photography course and I thought these sumptuous pictures from Vietnam might entice you to consider some travel with your camera there are more here

by www.nuevoestudio.com

4 Rules of Composition for Landscape Photography

Here’s four ‘rules’ for landscape photography that might be helpful……more from those nice people at Digital Photo School

Nikon D5100 with 102,400 ISO and HDR?

The rumour mills grind on and the current suggestions for this new camera are

Nikon‘s 16.2-megapixel D5100 tries to stand out by slathering on the in-camera special effects. This is the appification of your digital camera.

Here’s what we’ve got, special sauce-wise:

• A monochrome night vision mode that pushes the sensor from its standard 100-6400 ISO range to 102,400,

HDR mode that shoots two photos, three stops apart, and combines them. From what I was told, you’re still gonna wanna use a tripod rather than hand-hold, unless you’ve got cybernetic arms that can remain deathly still.

more info………