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Daily Archives: March 31, 2011

Precise Color Cast Correction With Gray Fill Layers

Some people are so clever, this tutorial is really great, such a simple idea as a way to get accurate colour balance, the only requirement is that somewhere in your image there must be something that is 50% grey so not much good with a red rose.

“Neutralizing a color cast can be one of the most difficult jobs in post-production. The problem I most often have is realizing that my image has a color cast, but not being able to identify which color is causing the cast! Is it magenta or red? Blue or cyan?

This simple tutorial solves this problem by finding neutral gray in the image, thereby removing the need to guess the color. In order for this trick to work however, your image MUST contain 50% gray tone somewhere in the image; otherwise the color correction will be off.”

50 Breathtaking Examples of Wildlife Photography

Following on from our tutorials on wildlife photography last week I am sure you will enjoy the images here

Color Correction with the Curves Eyedropper in Photoshop

The Curves Eyedropper technique provides a fast way to simultaneously correct color and fix exposure problems in your photo all at once. That’s a lot of benefit for just a few clicks. We teach this as part of our Photoshop Course

Here’s how it works.

Find a photography project

One way to get your creativity flowing is to find a project to work on. It would be fine to work on something like ‘world peace’  or ‘saving the environment’ but let’s face it you probably live somewhere that neither of these are apparent in your everyday lives. One trick to finding a project is to write a list of all the the things that interest you (it is much easier to photograph things you have an interest in), then cross off anything you cannot do near to home, what is left is the opportunities you have. Projects can be something that are apparent and mainly visual, some can be more esoteric, on student on our Intermediate Course did a very interesting project on decay, it include substantial things like buildings falling into disrepair but also a bowl of fruit that he allowed to slowly decay over weeks, photographing it at various stages.

One thing you could start with is a project in your kitchen, photographing the fruit and vegetables that you buy every week and maybe some you don’t usually buy but which are photographically interesting, here are some examples from a Lighstalking post Nothing more complicated than veg and light from a window plus imagination