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Emphas.is Funding and support for photojournalists

This is an unusual way for photojournalists to gather funding for projects.  In the past there were many journals and magazines that supported photojournalists, providing funds and resources to enable some of the most moving events and stories to be photographed, many of those outlets have no vanished and with it the financial support. This organisation makes the funding of stories possible by inviting people, anyone, to contribute to a photojournalist to enable them to tell the story. The project is outlined by the photojournalist, a pitch is made, and you contribute if you think the story needs to be told.

“On Emphas.is you are the gatekeeper. Photojournalists pitch their projects directly to you. You get to decide whether a story is worth doing. By agreeing to back a story, for a minimum contribution of $10, you are making sure that the issues that you care about receive the in-depth coverage they deserve. In return you are invited along on the journey. Photojournalists on Emphas.is agree to enter into a direct dialogue with their backers, sharing their experiences and insights  as the creative process unfolds.”

You can investigate this further here

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