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Daily Archives: March 10, 2011

Top 10 compact cameras 2011

Best Point and Shoot Digital Camera reviews for 2011. Point and Shoot Digital Cameras have firmly established their spot atop of  the photography world. With great image quality, enhanced features and outstanding handling, you’d be hard pressed to find any photographer today without a point and shoot camera in their arsenal. While the price points for DSLR cameras continue to drop, consumers have voted with their wallets, that compact digital cameras will continue to dominate the market again in 2011. Our best point and shoot cameras for 2011 offer a wide range of features from high megapixel counts, excellent image resolution, and affordable prices. Camera styling options are aplenty as camera manufacturers look to create a camera for all tastes.

While Canon is the clear winner in this sector, Panasonic has gained considerable ground in this competitive market by combining quality point and shoot cameras with superior optics. Here are three reasons why you should consider adding one of these compact cameras to your photo bag…(Also check Amazon’s Best Selling Point and Shoot Cameras, updated every hour!)…..more from the ilovephotoblogs site




Gerry Badger Photographs – Art Jericho, Oxford

Art Jericho Gallery   King St Oxford OX2 6DF 17 March – 10 April 2011  http://artjericho.com

Distinguished photography critic/ writer/ curator Gerry Badger is  exhibited in Oxford, following his solo show at the Blue Sky Gallery, Oregon. For those many whose understanding of photography has been enriched by Gerry Badger’s writing, seeing his images will be a fascinating experience.

Gerry Badger is an architect, photographer, curator and writer. His work is in a number of public and private collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; the Arts Council of Great Britain Collection, London; the Bibiliothèque Nationale, Paris; and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

With Martin Parr, he wrote a two volume history of the photographic book,The Photobook: A History (2004 and 2006), which won the Deutsche Fotobuch Preis in 2006 and the Kraszna Krausz Prize for books on lens-based media in 2007.

Recent books include the introductions to a number of photographer’s monographs, including Stephen Shore, John Gossage, Martin Parr, Jem Southam, Peter Fraser, Anthony Hernandez, Chris Killip, Edgar Martins and Gunnar Smoliansky, and The Genius of Photography (2007).

Gerry Badger is the 2011 winner of the ICP Infinity Writing Award with his book of essays :  The Pleasures of Good Photographs

A handful of dust

These images show that mostly all you need is imagination to make interesting pictures by Thomas Edwards the full gallery is here

Five Photoshop Fixes for Common Image Issues

The digital age has created a revolution in photography with instant gratification LCD screens on cameras. Even when those images don’t meet our ever-increasing standards, we now have tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, to post-process those images to bring them up to snuff. While there are limitless digital enhancements to consider, the following five will address the most common image problems. Read more here from Cliqworld.com

Lightroom printing

You can use Lightroom to prepare images for printing at your local high street printer or for uploading to your favourite online printer (I use Photobox). This useful short video and downloadable presets for standard print sizes is easy to follow and understand. From Lightroomworkshops.com by Courvoisier, of Jerry Courvoisier Productions LLC, Santa Fe, N.M., JC is a photographer, educator, digital artist, world-class Photoshop and Lightroom specialist, and an internationally recognized imaging technology consultant. A popular teacher of photography, imaging applications, and printmaking workshops, Courvoisier’s passion for photography, combined with his enthusiasm for sharing knowledge, is why he is the person others turn to for solid advice on digital imaging technologies.

To view the video go here and to find the page with the downloadable print pre-sets go here