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34 free Black & White film presets for Lightroom

Do you ever wish you were still shooting film? I’m not so sure but film had qualities that I miss a bit, I liked the certainty that a certain film exposed, developed and printed in a certain way gave a particular result. In the digital world almost anything can be anything and that is confusing. This link is to an interesting site called Preset Heaven where free downloadable presets are available. These are from MikeyG and are simulations of some of the most famous black and white films, TriX, Delta 100, FP4, HP5, there are 34 in total. The site also gives examples of what you might expect to achieve by using these presets.

Lightroom is, as I said yesterday, gaining in popularity, people who only ever used Photoshop are now doing the majority of the work on their images in Lightroom, I am one of those. I used Aperture for many years but it’s instability finally drove me into the arms of LR and I am happy to be there. If you do not know how to import the presets into LR there is a useful video tutorial on the PresetHeaven page. We investigate presets for Lightroom in our Black and White Digital course

See if you can work out what Ilford films these three images are imitating

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