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Create Stunning Black-and-White Images in Lightroom

Lightroom is the new black, sorry for mixing my industries, photography and fashion, but I guess you know what I mean. I am asked on a regular basis “what is the difference between Lightroom and Photoshop and do I need both?” Well they are different but confusingly very similar a bit like near identical twins. Once the use of Lightroom was to provide global changes only to an image in the RAW conversion process but not with history brushes and other useful tools it covers many of the things that could only have been done in PS in the past.

There are many reasons why I thoroughly enjoy using Lightroom, and near the top of my list is creating black-and-white images. Although the majority of my work is in color, I’m constantly drawn to black-and-white photography because it uniquely “…reduces, simplifies, goes deep, and gets beneath the surface,” as photographer Ryan Caldwell explains. Let’s dive into the process of how to use Lightroom to create better black-and-white images.

This rather excellent tutorial is clear and concise with good examples have a look here I also teach a black and white digital course, more information here

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