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Daily Archives: February 21, 2011

Tom Hunter – Saatchi Gallery

Tom Hunter was recommended by our friend and photographer Ella Cobert, his work is personal and intense do have a look at his gallery on the Saatchi site

Hunter photographs the people and places of his immediate community. Woman Reading Possession Order, is part of a series of work he made of a group of squatters living in Hackney. In this photo, Hunter borrows his composition and colours from Vermeer’s A Girl Reading At An Open Window. Like Vermeer, Hunter portrays quiet, everyday scenes which give his ‘outsider’ subjects a visible presence and quiet nobility.

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I mentioned Ed Verosky last week and this week he is giving away a free e book when you sign up for his useful newsletter here You may also be interested in our Portraiture Course, details are here

Shots of Running Water

Two things are for certain when you start photography: You will shoot train tracks and you will do long exposures with water.  Running water can create some beautiful images when you put the time into setting up your gear and picking the location along with angle and exposure.  Here’s 27 great, yet eerie shots of running water to get you excited about dusting off your tripod and hiking into the woods looking for streams, rivers and waterfalls. I am sure the two examples of every new photographers preferred subject matter are correct, in my experience graveyards are high on the list as are ducks!  These examples of running water might inspire you