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Ed Verosky – blog and newsletter

Morning, or afternoon or even evening depending on when you receive/read this….  I get the regular email newsletters from Ed Verosky who has an excellent blog site with tips and tutorials predominately about portraiture. Aimed at the professional or aspiring professional, the blog has many great ideas. I like what Ed has to say, he often makes sense, here is a sample from his last newsletter which I completely agree with …

“I think it’s true that you can accomplish so much more, in general, by shooting creatively, trying to make each shot count, and trying to get things right “in the camera,” as they like to say. Going for good exposures that only require fast, standard batch processing through your Lightroom or Aperture software is usually the best approach. When dealing with high-volume situations, like weddings and portraiture sets, it’s necessary. Can you imagine trying to “fix” individual images when you have several hundred to work with? I realize it’s easier said than done, but strive for an ideal of no fixing in post. Enhancing is another story, and great to do if you have time.”

In the courses we run at The Oxford School of Photography we always recommend getting it right in the camera, we teach that the attitude of ‘it’ll do, I can fix it in Photoshopis a mistake.

Have a look at Ed’s various sites, newsletter and blogs I am sure you will find it useful and interesting, here is a picture he discusses in his latest newsletter

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