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Daily Archives: February 8, 2011

New Canon range of cameras with TruCapture technology

New High Sensitivity Sensor makes it even easier to capture life’s precious moments ‘true-to-life’ – even in low light
Canon today unveiled its new Canon Digital Camera range featuring an impressive High Sensitivity (HS) sensor to enhance Canon’s signature TruCapture technology

Canon unveils new digital camera range featuring enhanced TruCapture technology


This is a really insightful webinar (short broadcast interview) If you are considering a career in photography or if you already have one this is essential listening. The part on your website is almost perfect in explanation.  Settle down and pay attention, it lasts about an hour but your presentation will improve and you might get better and more work that you want

“We had the honor of conducting a webinar with Stella Kramer, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor, about photographer portfolios. I knew this was going to produce some amazing insights when we first announced it – but the results far exceeded my expectations.

If you’re a photographer looking to get the attention of an editor (or two, or three) then you should watch this video and learn. One thing I love about Stella is that she tells it like it is. She’s blunt, honest, and loves photography. Want to know what editors REALLY think about your portfolio, and your website? Then I suggest you watch”  Listen here

Here are a couple from my on-line portfolio

Best Digital Cameras for 2011

One perspective from the start of the year....more

That “headshot” look

“I’ve always wondered how headshot photographers got that headshot look. Well, I’ve been playing around and I think I have a handle on how they get “the look”. It’s not even that I especially like the look, but it’s almost expected from modeling agencies, as far as I can tell. This manipulation that I’m about to show you won’t make up for bad lighting, but it will make your “normal” looking images look more like model and actor headshots.” Full tutorial here…

Annie Leibovitz Shooting Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette for Vogue

The short video featured here is an interesting insight as to how one of the world’s best known photographers work. Most of us prefer to go out alone to shoot, family and friends around when we are shooting usually are a distraction, here Leibovitz has an army of little helpers. “….Annie is one of our star photographers” someone from Vogue says, well what about the lighting, technicians, the assistants even all the caterers? Enjoy this insight into another world.