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Daily Archives: January 24, 2011

Manga Dreams

Manga Dreams is a new exhibition at Hamiltons Gallery in London, combining striking photographs with digital painting to explore the concepts of identity, culture and costume. Manga, which literally means “whimsical pictures”, consists of highly-stylised comics and prints dating from shortly after World War II, although the origins of Manga and Anime, or animation, begin much earlier in Japanese art. The exhibition is a collaboration between British-born photographer Jonathan Anderson and Chinese-Malaysian photographer Edwin Low, whose last major exhibition, The Athlete, was staged during the 1998 Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival.  Manga Dreams is at Hamiltons until 5th March. You can see more pictures here

Anderson and Low have colaborated on a book called Athlete/Warrior, here is the Amazon link

How to Utilise Your Diopter Adjustment?

Many people, I find on our camera courses, are unaware of this little adjustment available on most DSLR cameras. It is there to set the eypiece of the camera to suit your vision, it is a most useful control. This brief article explains in more detail

Long Exposure Photography: 15 Stunning Examples

Long Exposure Photography is something that can take your breath away when you get it right. Here are some shots to get you inspired (plus some tips below the pics on these techniques).