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Daily Archives: January 11, 2011

Photography Courses for January – April

We run our courses 3 times a year pretty much in line with school terms. This term we have a full range of courses and the dates are here

Understanding Your Digital SLR: 4 start dates – 25.1.11; 7.3.11; 12.3.11; 17.3.11

Understanding Your Digital Compact Camera – 8.3.11

Introduction to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements – 7.3.11

Composition In Photography – Seeing Pictures – 3.3.11

Portrait Photography: – 27.1.11

Intermediate Photography – Summer term 2011, this cannot run this term because it is too dark in the evenings to undertake the class practical sessions

Black and White Digital Photography – 26.1.11

One Day Understanding Your DSLR – 4 different dates 29.1.11; 13.2.11; 5.3.11; 3.4.11

Out of bounds

This Photoshop tutorial is easy to follow and has lots of applications, the effect you will learn (called out of bounds) is shown here although if banger racing is not your thing you could easily use this method with people, buildings, pets etc. This tutorial comes from gavtrain.com, you might like to have a further look at his blog for further tips and ideas, his recent post about 5 motivation tips might also interest you

The 7 Keys to Improving Your Photography This Year

A new year means a new chance to achieve those things you always wanted to. If you’re reading this site, then chances are that this also includes getting better at photography. So here’s what we’ll be doing to improve our photography in 2011 and you should be too! I think I agree with every point made here, worrying!

1) Practice, 2) Know The Theory, 3) Know Your Gear, 4) Imitate, 5) Pre-think Your Shots, 6) Specialise, 7) Love Your Craft I would add a number 8.  Make the effort to see a photography exhibition every month