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Daily Archives: January 10, 2011

30 Beautiful Examples of Waterfall Photography

It is often said “A strong man and a waterfall channel their own path”. Waterfalls are among the most exquisite and beautiful wonders of nature. Below we have gathered what we think are great examples of waterfall photography using a variety of methods to capture them. You may think this is difficult to do but in reality the hardest part is finding the waterfall! If you do not know you might want to do one of our DSLR courses. Enjoy.

via 30 Beautiful Examples of Waterfall Photography | Inspiration.







Easily Create Great HDR Photos Online

This looks like an easy way into making HDR images for display online, it falls down of course if you want to use 30 or 40 mb files as most cameras produce these days, (hard to upload a 30 mb file even if compressed rather a lot). But if your main use of images is online this might work for you, it couldn’t look more simple. 


YoHDR! | Easily Create Great HDR Photos Online.