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Daily Archives: January 5, 2011

12 Unmissable Tutorials on High Key Photography

If you have attended our Portrait Course you will understand how to achieve high key portraits and probably had a go at them yourself. This tutorial from those nice Light Stalking people has a range of different ideas on how to get that very particular look.

High key photography is a technique that can produce some stunning images, but it may not be self evident to many people how to get similar results. The trouble is, where do you start? If you are interested in creating beautiful high key shots, here are 12 unmissable tutorials to get you started and a few shots for inspiration.

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Photoshop Tutorial – Selecting with Color Range

The selection process in PS has many tools that make it possible to select a specific area of an image to make adjustments to that area. This is a very good tutorial on using one of the lesser know selection processes.

“One of the most powerful and useful tools for creating a selection in Photoshop is also the most often ignored and the least understood. In fact, it generally isn’t even regarded as a tool at all, because it doesn’t appear in the tools panel. And when you use it, instead of a tool icon, you get a strange dialog box. Yet, this tool can give you the ability to create very convincing selections quickly, with much better results than its more famous counterparts.

I’m talking about Color Range.”  If you have never tried using colour range as a method of selection you are missing a trick, look at this tutorial and give it a try

Great Tips for Shooting in the Rain

“Rain, I feel it on my finger tips, hear it on my window pane. Your love’s coming down like rain…. Okay, don’t shoot me for quoting an under-appreciated Madonna song, because that song has inspired me to take well over 100 photos with the self-imposed constraint of shooting during the rain or just after the rain has fallen, and the streets and/or land are still soaking wet (that’s an added tip, put self-imposed constraints on your photography and look at the results, they will amaze you… i.e. only shoot vertically)”…..more?

New Year’s resolutions for photographers – it’s not too late

Instead of making the same ho-hum New Year’s resolutions you break every year, consider these resolutions specifically for photographers. It’s easy to fall into photography ruts. This year, make it a point to try new things, break old habits, and push your gear and talent to new limits.