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Daily Archives: December 28, 2010

Where do you really want to go with your photography in 2011? | Silber Studios

“Let’s talk about where you really want to go with your photography in 2011. I doubt you’d even be reading this if you didn’t have goals you wanted to achieve.  If you’ve been paying attention to my show you know that the pros are always pushing themselves to the next level.  A sure sign of failure is thinking one has achieved it all.” 


Ansel Adams

This is not you. I know you’re looking for that next level and want help getting there. So let’s talk about it.

Where do you really want to go with your photography in 2011? | Silber Studios.

Photography Books Of The Year

Long Lens Landscape Photography







Long Lens Landscape Photography.

25 Spectacular Light Painting Images





25 Spectacular Light Painting Images.

Todd Hido

welcome back, hope you had good holidays. This article comes from the Kodak website and is about an interesting photographer Todd Hido. His work has a definite style that you either get and like or don’t, not especially challenging in concept but stuffed full of atmosphere, here is a quote from the article

“Like most of my work, it emanated from place. I remember very clearly I was scouting around during the day for places to go back to at night to shoot. I remember stopping and all this water had rushed down my windshield, and I thought, “This is a beautiful scene in front of me,” because it was partially covered and partially not covered. I shot the photograph and it was one of those pictures that sat on my contact sheet for a while, and then I decided to print it. And I ended up really liking it a lot. I really liked the idea that there was an aspect of playing around with pictorialism and making my pictures painterly in some way. It’s interesting to explore what the boundaries of blurriness are, the ways you can take an image and make it into something. You smudge this and move that, or you move your camera and the location of what’s in and out of focus changes. That’s how I got started with that work. I really enjoy being out in the landscape like that, driving around — going somewhere and the weather’s not good, and you’re driving around in the car and you’re finding these places. It’s extremely satisfying. “