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19 Beautiful Examples of HDR Done Right

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a method of combining over-exposed images with under-exposed images of the same scene to achieve a better balance between highlights and shadows, it requires resorting to software and you can use Photoshop or Photomatix as your software engines to produce HDR images. This article from Digital Photo School has examples of HDR. At their best they manage to make a digital picture look exactly as you would have seen it if you were there. It opens out the shadows to reveal detail that a straight digital image just cannot do, it will also hold highlight detail up to specular highlights, in short HDR is the answer to digital exposure problems. However as this article suggests so many people using HDR create quite awful images that have no resemblance to reality and they call it art or creative, which of course it is neither. If you want to see HDR at it’s very best head over to Cambridge In Colour brilliantly controlled images, fantastic, if technical, tutorials.

These 19 ‘beautiful examples’ do not all quite get the balance right for me in the way that CinC manage but they are far from the worst examples of HDR. I suggest you have a look and judge for yourself. Let me know what you think and do go to Cambridge In Colour as well

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