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Monthly Archives: November 2010

How to turn a Volunteer Assignment into a Vacation and a Rich Photographic Opportunity Read more: http://www.digital-photography-school.com/how-to-turn-a-volunteer-assignment-into-a-vacation-and-a-rich-photographic-opportunity

Doesn’t this sound like perfection, holiday, somewhere warm, photography and time. This article by Robert J. Mang. featured on the Digital Photo School

Objectives: to go on a photography retreat in a new and interesting environment, expand one’s photographic portfolio, volunteer, travel, learn a language, and immerse oneself into a foreign culture.


Kuwait bans DSLRs in public places

What has the world against photographers? This article in the BJP expands upon that frightening headline

7 Considerations for New Action Photographers

Action photography is something that many of us will need to come to terms with at one point or another. Shooting your kids playing, friends playing sport or a great sporting event you attend are things that most of us want in our own photo collections. Getting good action shots though is not always easy and requires a bit of preparation. Hopefully these tips will help you get some memorable ones. 

Get help from this Light Stalking Tutotrial


The Basics of Photography from The Digital Photo School

Those great folks from down under, that is Australia if you are not in the UK, The Digital Photo School have a series of tutorials on the basics and here they are listed plus links for you. Sign up to their feed so that you get everything they put out rather than the choices we make for you.

Here is the exposure triangle, for photographers the meaning of life, evolution and the reason to open your eyes.

Exposure Triangle, ISOApertureAperture and Shutter Priority Modes, White Balance, Histograms

Aurora borealis

Pictures of the Northern Lights by Icelandic photographer Kristjan Unnar Kristjansson

Liu Bolin, the invisible artist

Liu Bolin is an artist who is invisible, well he is just visible if you look carefully. He stands in front of iconic landmarks, telephone boxes, buildings, supermarket shelves and then with the help of 2 assistants is painted to merge with the background. The final piece is photographed.


Invisible Artist


article has an explanation of his work and more pictures

This You Tube vid has the artist explaining his work

Featured photojournalist: Eric Thayer

From The Guardian photography section

Eric Thayer is an American-born freelance photojournalist who has been working for Reuters since 2006. He spent a week travelling along the US-Mexico border photographing towns along the way

Eric Thayler is a great photographer with an exceptional portfolio of photo- journalistic images

Week in pictures: 13-19 November 2010

From the BBC

Polarising Filters, why, how and when

This is another truly excellent tutorial from Sean McHugh at Cambridge in Colour, everything you need to know in technical detail.

making an exhibition of yourself

for me photography is about the physical experience of a print, seeing things on the web gives me the widest possible opportunities to observe different work but a print is photography. I encourage everyone who attends our courses to consider printing their work and displaying it, at home, in their office, in an exhibition. There is a validation to our efforts as photographers by showing our images. This article goes some way to advising how to have an exhibition and what to think about.

from those nice people at Digital Photo School, of which Darren Rowse, who is the main man, at DPS has set up another blog site called Feelgooder, not about photography but about what it says.

Whilst on the subject of getting your work seen here is another article on the DPS site that will help you

7 Ways to Get Your Photos Seen