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Daily Archives: November 30, 2010

New Course Dates for OSP

We have managed this year to get the new term course dates out before Christmas so no problem knowing what you want for Christmas then. If you are a bit unsure then ask for a voucher, these can be used towards any of our courses or towards 121 tuition.  If you don’t know what courses we run have a look at our website and see how we can help you become a better photographer.

Here is an old picture I made using our friend and fellow photographer Ander McIntyre as a model, I use the term losely.



Snow Photography Tutorials

So Oxford finally has a dusting of snow, not the knee deep stuff our good friend and photographer Norman McBeath has reported from Edinburgh but even so snow. Every time it snows in the UK photographers are compelled to go out and photograph it, once snow was a rarity but now it seems a too frequent occurrence. Well that is my take on the stuff. Here are a series of tutorials you might like to look at before stepping out into the cold, they may make your intrepid adventure more rewardinging.

Why Is The Snow In My Pictures Blue – a tutorial about white balance

This is from Canon and is about metering- and although aimed at Canon users is very informative

Snow Photography in Japan – slightly more technical and with details of equipment recommended

5 Tips, simple and untechnical – for those who don’t like to read much

If you need more search photographing in the snow, there are lots more tutorials although they cover much of the same ground as the above. Stay warm, stay safe. I will be staying indoors.

Children Heading Households in Moldova

This sad story is no doubt repeated in so many countries around the world, this article is illustrated by beautiful , moving images and comes from the Open Society Institute: Documentary Photography Project. The images here are by Isabel Castro, this is her story