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I enjoy reading photography blogs that are more than just technical, I like the fact that photographers are engaged, interested, visual, aware people who look to see. Tom Dinning’s blog explores subject matter beyond the obvious and raises issues that are thought provoking. In this post he posits that using a camera in auto mode releases the photographer to see better.  I am not sure I completely agree with this but I do agree with Tom that it is vitally important that people interested in photography learn to see. Read this post and see if you think he has a point. Here is a brief sample of the post

“My original attempts at teaching photography revolved around the technical stuff and darkroom processing. That was because I was young and believed in the power of ‘how’ and not ‘why’ we take photographs. Many years have passes and I am a better person for it.
As my grandson would say: ‘I’m over cameras’. Sure, I can afford the best but I find myself looking more through the lens than at it. I think my images have improved as a result. So, now when I teach I talk about concepts and composition instead of aperture and focal length. Most of the time I tell my students to set their camera’s on ‘auto’ and concentrate on what they want to see in the viewfinder.”

Tom Dinning

One response to “Tom Dinnings Blog

  1. tom dinning December 13, 2010 at 1:18 am

    Hi Keith.
    Thanks for including me in discussions wih your students. I’ll look forward to the feedback. I learnt a long time ago that ‘getting it right’ is a lifetime occupation. Hopefully your students can help me get close before I’m too old to focus through the viewfinder. I’m not the same teacher I was 40 years ago and I know I won’t be the same teacher next year. I am in a constant search to find better ways of getting the message out there and what I have found is there is no one formula that does all. Finding a process that is flexible and provides the student with a sense of achievement, not from taking good pictures but finding out how, is my goal.
    Have a great Xmas and look forward to sharing with you in the future.

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