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Daily Archives: November 27, 2010

20+ Professional Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials

Considering how cold it is here in the UK you may be considering staying in and being cosy with your computer and Photoshop. These tutorials may be just what you have been looking for to liven up your images and might add to the Photoshop course you may have taken with us. There is even one on adding falling snow although I am not sure you will need that for a week or so.

John Wreford in Damascus

John Wreford, a great friend of OSP and The Photographers Workshop, is a freelance photojournalist living in the heart of the ancient Syrian city of Damascus.
He has a fascination for the regions history, culture and political intrigue that will often see him travelling throughout the Middle East working for clients as diverse as The Financial Times, United Nations and the European Investment Bank.

His work has been exhibited in Aleppo, Istanbul, and Beirut and has appeared in publications around the world.

When I visited Syria in 2009 John was the perfect companion to travel around with, visiting places with another photographer always allows for the time needed to take pictures. They understand you may have to wait 15 or 30 minutes for the right light and can find things to shoot for themselves. Here is my Flickr link to my Syrian pictures